Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Article on Professional Indemnity Insurance

There has been a growing interest in the insurance policy Professional Indemnity Insurance from new and established businesses. The policy was originally brought together to cover the major professions and demand from regulating bodies such as the law society and chartered institute of accountants along with the (ARB) Architects Registration Board made it a requirement for their registered member to arrange covers and therefore solicitors, architects and accountant Professional Indemnity Insurance became compulsory.

Sometime later Insurance Brokers estate agents and Independent Financial Advisors regulators made Professional Indemnity Insurance a requirement for those professionals to operate their businesses.

As the demand for companies and their directors and officers to act in a more responsible way towards their clients so the PII policy became more popular, however, instead of perhaps being a nuisance and extra cost to the business, the insurance policy offered great protection to the company and its staff.

To give definition and have a fully explained Professional Indemnity Insurance policy and what it covers you for we can recommend speaking to a specialist PII broker they will without a doubt be the best option to obtain quotes and compare the different Professional Indemnity Insurance covers available for both traditional professions and contractors. We highly recommend not only going to one supplier to purchase your cover because there is a very wide choice of wordings available not to mention costs you may go on the internet to find quote and buy this type of policy however be careful because very few companies on the first page of Google can give you a selection of Professional Indemnity polices to select from. Most are direct insurers with only one option when you go to purchase.

There is only one company in the UK that can offer you up to 9 different (PII) insurers at once in around 60 seconds and although this is out company Professional Insurance Agents Ltd we do offer the wider choice both in price and policy wordings and are also a specialist broker in this area.


  1. Professional Indemnity Insurance is very important for every start-up business and for maintaining business reputation. There are so many companies that offer these type of policies having different coverage and I think you should chose the coverage policy according to your needs.

  2. It is true that professional indemnity insurance demand has been increasing in today's life for any profession that involves giving services to a person or another business. Also known as E and O insurance, it protects you for any claims that a client put for your negligence or mistakes during your services.